Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Squeezed into a tini nightie

Finding cute little outfits that fit my boobs isn't the easiest task. Most of the time...I see something I think is cute but it only has a D cup for the top...well this new update is one of those many outfits I often come across. And since I really only have to wear it for 15 minutes...I figure what the hell.

I loved the outfit...pretty blue...sexy little g-string with a bow. I think that's about the only part of my panties you can see. My ass swallows them. There are alot of different poses with this set. Come see more HERE


Buck Kelly said...

You had me at Squeezed - very nice again - Wow - wish I was there to help take off the nightie for bed - later sexy

fatcurvystories said...

yes, the tiny outfits and nighties are very provoking... especially when they make your boobies stack up and jiggle like crazy ;)