Thursday, July 30, 2009

I shoot when I was in Vegas.

And as usual I think I am going to shoot so many more sets than I end up with. It was hard to pull myself away from friends and the work. Not to mention when I get around Andy and Samantha we have so much to catch up we talk and talk....and work just a little. Both updates I am wearing barely anything...I love teeny tiny outfits...that barely cover my tits. These ones are no exception...wait until you see the pics...I am positive they are getting bigger! I've added a few pics here...there's way more where those came from @

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Newest video updates!

The first update I'm going to talk about is the water balloon's officially my very favorite update...while it's cute and is alot of fun and actually quite a laugh! I decided it would be fun to bring really big water balloons...I sat on a few and also popped a few on my little white tank top! It's a must see! @
The next video that went up...was from a windy day and I was playing with some windmills. I was having a great time trying to make them both can see me in just my panties...enjoying the outdoors.
And the last video that went up was me on a of those exercise machines! I thought I would be able to do it for 5 minutes at the very least...hahaha not so much! My thighs rubbing together was causing some serious heat! Come see me move @

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Guess who went to the Red Rooster!?

What is the Red Rooster?

The Red Rooster is Las Vegas's oldest and most well known Swing Party for couples and singles. You can check more about the club at their website

On the first Saturday I was in Vegas which was 2 days before I celebrated my one year of celibacy...I thought why not make this last couple days as hard as possible...hahahaha so I went with a big group of people to the Rooster. I have never been to a swing club before but, I thought if for no other reason this could make for some good writing. If you have not had the opportunity to go to a club like this...well you should try it. I had a wonderful time. The coolest thing about the club is it's just like going to a regular club...there's a dj/entertainer who looks like Wayne Newton...a dance floor...tables...a little bar area(which you bring your own bottle of liquor and they mix your drinks for you)...there were snacks...a pool and hot tub...and lastly the thing that made it a little different than most clubs there were bedrooms with a 20 minute time limit. I mean who hasn't been out to a club and wished you didn't have to wait until you get home to get your hands on your significant other or someone you just met but both of you are there for the same reason.

It started like any other club night...more people I knew came...we all sat and shot the shit...and then one of the girls said, "Let me give you a tour" at first I was like no...I would have been happy just staying at the table for the whole night. But, after a few pleas I said what the hell...and off we went. First she took me to a room off the sitting had a pool table and there were people hanging out in there in their lingerie. The dress code is pretty laid back...women can be naked and men have to cover their junk. Yes naked ladies! Good stuff! Then we got to the locker area...u can use the lockers when u go swimming...and right on the other side of the lockers is the first group of rooms with the "20 minute time limit" posted on the door. How fun would that be!?
Pool area
Next she showed me the pool area and to my surprise there was a woman in her 50's standing against the wall with one of her tits out of her shirt...I wasn't sure what that was all about but it was funny...I smiled and said hello...and giggled uncontrollably inside. Maybe that was a way to get let people know she had something she was willing to share. Whatever it was I can tell you I am 99% sure homegirl got lucky that night. And last but certainly not least was the Orgy Room! Tell me this place doesn't look like a fuckin' good time! It was empty when I took the tour...but I knew I would be back. I am one voyeuristic chick!Orgy Room
So, as the night went on and more alcoholic beverages were consumed...I got dragged into a 20 minute I was going as a security blanket for a in this little room there were 3 men and 3 women...I was not participating so we will say 2 women. I watched some of the hottest sex I had ever seen...the actual couple in the room...would switch off between the husband and then the stud that his wife had picked...each would fuck her in different positions...I was watching my own personal porno (although truth be told if it was my porno I would have been watching 5 women...but alas this was good stuff). And then I sort of joined in...I kissed my girlfriend while she was getting railed by the hunk of a man she has choosen. Yep...that was the extent of my swinging...kissing girls...which I love to do. It's so sensual to have a woman's lips on yours. Soft wet and sometimes urgent kisses. It was time for me to join the party back to the sitting area I went. The place was getting pretty crowded...and I ran into a good looking couple who asked if I would like to join them...I told them I would be interested in watching and maybe kissing the girl but had no interest in the dude. So, they said they would come find me when it was their turn for a now the wait was up to 30 minutes or so. In the meantime I found myself in a room with a table I can only describe as a pussy eating table. I was in there with 2 girls and a guy...had my prayers been answered was I gonna get to see my own personal porno? A little hot lesbian action...well sadly the answer is no...but I really wanted to try out that table...I may have been persuaded but there was a knock at the door and the couple that I had agreed to watch was ready for I slipped out the of the room and moved my way into the other room. I joined the couple and she was bent over the dresser and he was slowly...very slowly hitting it from behind. Now I only wish you guys could see me imitate the way he was fucking her...because I did a very good rendition of it. I was standing across the room watching...drinking my drink...I wanted to tell him to speed it was killing me. I didn't know I was going to watch him make sweet love to his girlfriend...I certainly didn't sign up for that. I excused myself to use the bathroom and let them know if I didn't make it back...just to keep doing their thing. Guess who never made it back? Yep that would be yours truly.

So, I am glad i don't live in Vegas because I would definitely have a new hang out. I would be a Rooster regular...I didn't get laid but I wasn't looking to...actually come to think about it...someone asked me if I would like to fuck. I politely declined...after all my one year anniversary was 2 days away. Being at a swing club really made me question what I am looking for in a relationship...I never thought that I would even want to be in the life style...but I have had the honor of knowing some really amazing loving couples who do it. I think their relationships seem more solid than some of my non-swinging friends. It's something else to think about on my search for my other half.

Mission Accomplished!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, on July 13th @ midnight I celebrated one year of celibacy.

1. abstention from sexual relations.
2. abstention by vow from marriage: the celibacy of priests.
3. the state of being unmarried.

Abstention from sexual relations...everyone wants to know why...well I thought I would take the celebration of my one year of celibacy to really explain...just who I am and why this has become so important to me. This year of no sex didn't start out as a vow of celibacy...I was just a woman tired of being used by men. I hated waking up the day after having sex with some guy and feeling bad about myself. Beating myself up because deep inside I knew I didn't want to do it...but I just couldn't say no. The last few times I had sex were just that...I actually had an experience where I told the guy no, over and over again...and he fucking whined like a little bitch until I just said, "Fine just do it!" Who would really be interested in having sex with someone who didn't want to have it with them? So, he did his thing...and I just laid there...I was his real life blow up doll...I did not participate at all. I was disgusted...I felt so violated. I couldn't wait to get the fuck out of there. (the reason I didn't leave sooner is I was drunk and could not drive). And then my last experience was better but much of the same...I really did want to do it...but it just was painful and I wasn't "ready". I woke up the next morning and got the fuck outta there...and then I beat myself up.

Now, don't get me wrong I don't believe you have to be in a committed relationship to have good sex...but I have done all the bullshit and really...the best sex I have had(and I have had some amazing sex) I at least had a form of a relationship with the guy. Maybe not a committed one but there was an established friendship or some sort of level of trust. So, I made it to a year and then I had a week left in Vegas to do what I thought was going to end up being some crazy sex. But, I thought about it and this celibacy thing feels pretty good...I haven't felt bad the next day in over a year. I haven't felt pressured...I really like where I am in this venture. I think I am going to wait for someone's my time. If you are out there...I am waiting for you.

Now...after you read my next blog you aren't going to believe I am still on my quest...I saw some wild shit in Vegas...I mean stuff you don't see in just a normal day. I went out the the World Famous Red Rooster...yes I have some crazy stories...stay tuned.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I need a good spanking!

And this is just the outfit I should be wearing when I get it! In my previous blog you got to read about my liking for a good, hard spank...well I know it would hurt so much more if I was wearing this sexy little fishnet outfit. My ass is exposed in all it's glory...ok who has a nice strong hand to beat this booty? See more @

What is it about a good spanking?

So, I decided after looking over my new update that I should talk about my intense like for a good spanking. I don't mean a silly little slap on the ass...I mean...the bring tears to my eyes type of spanking. I am not really sure if it turns me on...I actually don't think it's that at all(I'll get into this more later in the blog) . I love my birthday because at this point I am guaranteed at least 35 spankings...I like a good solid hand and also like to be spanked with a paddle. I want it to sting! I like public spankings...the more the merrier. Spankings from girls are ok...but there is nothing like a man behind me...focused on my huge it to me hard enough to make my knees buckle. That does not happen often(the knee buckling thing). You would be surprised just how strong of a hit this ass can take. I had a friend once...oh the pain he could inflict on this ass.

Why I don't think it turns me on...I was at a little Sybian party once...and I am quite a modest girl...I am the girl on the Sybian with her panties on...I don't enjoy penetration on this machine...I just like the clit stimulator. I just like to grind on it, it's a guaranteed orgasm or two or three...anyway back to the spanking thing. There was a chick there who was a domme and she had a crop and she was whooping my ass while I rode the machine. She hit hard...real hard...and I could not get off...actually I wasn't enjoying the Sybian at all. And let me tell you how much I love this is such a wonderful about an incredibly intense orgasm...mmmmmmmmmm ok...sorry I was lost in my own little fantasy for a minute. Anyway...the spanking thing totally turned me off...maybe it was it because it was a chick...who really knows...I guess I will have to try it again. I am pretty sure I would like a nice spank from a dude who was hitting it from behind.

The more I am thinking about a good spanking the more I could use one. My birthday is damn near a year away...maybe I could make a certain day of each month National Spanking Day for that month...then I would at least get it good once a month. Yes I know...the 2nd Saturday of each month could be Spank Dawn Saturday....which means...this Saturday when I'm in will be time. But, then I guess I would need to find some volunteers who would be willing to open up a can of whoop ass on my ass. A girl can dream right...

Thursday, July 2, 2009

More Arizona Sunshine!

In case you didn't new favorite place to shoot my pictures is in the great outdoors. Nothing is more exciting than possibly getting caught showing my business. So, as I took these pictures I could hear people talking and cars driving near...and I had to stop a few times because even though the thought of getting caught is exciting...I am still scared as hell to actually get caught. lol I know I'm a dork.
I put on my very short little black skirt...and my very tight yellow Cali shirt and off to the desert we went. I know everyone doesn't know this about me but I am actually a California girl! I was born in Orange County but left So Cal when I was about 5 and moved to Germany. I lived in Germany for 4 years and then we moved to Montana...spent about 4 or 5 years in Montana...and then I came to Arizona...which is where I call home since I have lived here the longest...over 20 years.
You can check it out @!