Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sexy stories from a dear friend.

I started receiving sexy stories from Buck a couple of months ago...with each story they get better and better. I was chatting with him online and we were discussing his next story I said something about mud and rain...and he took it and made my most favorite story it is...and if you would like to check out his other stories about me you can find him here.


I had taken a long shower in my new bathroom. I had moved in over the weekend. I had about two weeks before I had to start my new job. I had found a nice house in very nice neighborhood in Tuscon. I had some small tress around the house. I had found the house on the Internet. I was not a big fan of the 8ft wooden fence that went around the back yard. But the nice views, great weather and quite street made it ideal to own. I had a buddy from work help me move in. We had a few beers and he returned the moving truck late last night. I was going to get started unpacking a few box's. I looked out my front bay window in my bedroom. There were a few people walking and one guy across the street mowing his lawn.

I put on some regular dark navy blue jeans and a white t-shirt and had breakfast at the kitchen table. I turned on my small Tv and watched the local news. I put down my fork when the weather girl came on. She was predicting another hot day in the upper 90's. She was hoping for rain late in the day. It seems the area had been going through a drought for most of the year. I cleaned up my dishes before I started to unpack some box's. I started with the kitchen stuff and by noon I had unpacked the living room. I set up the big screen and all the electronic toys to go with it. I had an appointment to install my cable at the end of the week.

I decide to get out a 1pm to get some lunch. I wanted to check out the local area. I walked out the front door. I looked to my right to see the sprinklers on at my neighbors house. I saw a very cute car in the driveway. It had a sun shade to block the inside of the car. I smiled when I saw the pink licence plate frame. I hoped in my Black 2010 Chevy Camaro Convertible and headed around the corner. I stopped at a great local taco place for some fish tacos and a Coke. I picked up some food at a local super market and headed home. It was close to 3pm when I filled up the fridge. I was kinda of tired. I had a glass of water while I sat in the living room. I looked aground for something to do.

I decide maybe to go check out my back yard. There was a nice big glass door that I rolled opened and stepped out onto the wooden deck. There was a nice Tikiki
bar/barbecue area at one end. A big swimming pool in the middle. There was a slide and diving board on one end of the pool. I gently stroked my short hair as I stood under the sun. I had shaved the night before and had a little shadow on the face. A little goatee on the chin. I finally saw the 8ft fence I had seen on the computer before buying the place. It was not so bad. I walked around the side of the house and took a look at a basketball court the previous owners had installed. There was a nice cement half court with the hoop on a big metal pole. There was a little room next to the 3 point line that went around the court. The 8 foot fence was only on the back side of the three point line. I would have to hit the rim and get a big bounce to loose the ball.

I went back inside to look for my basketball. I checked the garage and after 20 minutes finally found the box with the ball inside. I slipped on some tennis shoes. I took the ball and some water and headed to shoot some hoops. It was almost 4pm when I started to play some basketball. I hit a few shots and caught the ball. I started back a the three point line and drained a few. I dribbled through my long legs and made a few lay ups. I was getting hot from the sun when after 30 minutes decided to take off my white shirt. I was little sweaty and the shirt was getting wet. I stopped dribbling to pick up the ball and sit on the ground.

I was having a drink of water when I heard the neighbor directly behind from where I was sitting open there sliding glass door. I heard some lite foot steps on there wooden deck. It sound like the person was wearing wooden shoes. I smiled again when I heard a women voice giggle. Then I heard the sound of the sprinkler come on. A few seconds later I heard the water splash on the wooden fence. I leaned back to see if any of the water was coming onto my side yard. It was dry. I then heard a wooden door open to small shed in my neighbors yard. Then a wheel barrel came down in the grass. I looked up into the sky to see where the sun was.

I put down the basketball when I heard my phone ring. I got up and ran inside. It was my friend checking up on me. We both laughed when we said we were both sore from moving. I hung up the phone and got out a energy drink. I got some grapes and apple and went up stairs. I put away some clothes and started a load in the wash. I looked on the microwave and saw it was close to 6pm when I walked through the kitchen. I opened the sliding glass door to the back yard. I decided to go put away the basketball and then come back inside and start dinner.

I picked up the ball and felt a rain drop on my bare shoulder. I then felt another followed by some more rain. It was still hot as it rained a little bit more. There was almost a little mist coming from the cement as I decide to shoot a few more shots. I was going to have to take a shower before I ate anyways. I could still hear my neighbors sprinkler as I shot another short basket. I smiled as I made two more in a row. I decide to see if my young 23 year old legs could still jump. I stretched a little as I ran hard toward the basket. I used all my 6ft 3 size to palm the ball and create a nice dunk. I landed on my feet and got the ball of the concrete.

It was raining a little harder as it was getting a little darker out. I looked to the West to see the sun was going down. It was very beautiful as I looked toward the dark clouds. There was about another 40 minuted before the sun was going to be completely set. I decided to take one last shot. I backed up to the farthest point and took a shot. Of course I bricked the back of the rim. "CLANK!!!!!" the ball bounced high off the rim. Then the ball bounced high off the concrete. I kinda of froze in my tracks like a deer caught in the head lights. I then watched the ball hit on one big bounce over the 8 foot fence and land in my neighbors yard. I had a big frown on my face. Here I am playing in the rain. All sweaty and wet from the rain. No shirt on. Just moved in yesterday. Been kinda of loud dribbling and making noise. I am sure my neighbor just going to love me coming over and asking for my ball back.

"Hello little help. Hello! Hello" I said. I was calling over the fence with no luck. Maybe the person went inside or they could not hear me over the rain coming down. I could see in the distance some lightening and could hear some thunder. I knocked on the fence. Still nothing. I walked down the side of the fence about half way next to the neighbors little wooden shed. I could see there was a small door the connected our yards. I looked around the back yard toward the side of my house and saw no other people were home. I hopped up a few times to see if I could peek in the neighbors yard. The grass was too wet to get a good look. I smiled as I pushed the door latch down and it slowly opened.

"Hello! Hello anybody home?" I said. I stopped to look around. My neighbor had a great back yard. There was nice pool. Lots of trees and flowers. Very nice big lawn with some regional plants next to a large house. I turned my head to see a little red wheel barrel next to a garden. Right next to the wheel barrel was the basketball. I saw a very attractive woman on her knees pulling out some weeds. She was wearing a long white t-shirt that covered her top and came past her amazing butt. Her long red hair was tied in a pony tail. She was wearing some tight green shorts and had on some long green gardening gloves on her hands. She had two big silver hoop earrings and a small silver bracelet on her ankle. I finally saw what she was wearing on her feet. She had two big wooden platform heels on. They had green trim with a little green straps that ran around her amazing thick legs. She had some nice big hips to go along with some thick thighs. They were incredible as she sat back on her heels. Her large curvaceous butt expanded as she breathed harder.
I was at a loss for words. I wanted to say something but my mouth was open with nothing coming out. I mouth was almost dry if not for the rain coming down. My short hair was very wet. I could hear the thunder getting closer as my bar chest was now completely wet. I looked down to see my shoes were starting to go down in the grass. There was some water and little mud on the sides of my shoes. I could feel my jeans were soaked as I took one step closer to her. The sun was going down behind me as I took another step. The clouds opened a little. Just enough to have my big shadow move over her right shoulder. I was now busted as she dropped her little pink shovel on the ground. She turned her head back towards me. I smiled as I stood there all soaked.

She smiled as she saw I was staring at her. She sat back on her heels. She then got up off her knees. She bent down to pick of my basketball. Her white shirt had become very wet from the rain. I could see she was wearing a large green bathing suit holding up her very large breast. She inched toward me as she was having problems walking from the rain and wet grass. I watched as the sprinkler moved to spray her in the back and then the water hit me in the face. I then wiped away the water and held out my hand to catch her. She moved slightly to catch my hand as she was now next to me.

She looked long into my blue eyes. As I looked into her amazing green eyes. She had the prefect smile and the most beautiful lips I had ever seen. They were pink and had some sparkly lip gloss on them. I tried to point to my house just behind her. But she leaned in and we started to kiss. She smelled amazing as our tongue touched. I watched as she closed her eyes. She moved my hands from my side onto her back as we kissed more passionately. I closed my eyes when she started to touch my arms and hands. I could feel her heart beat as her body moved against mine. I looked up when I hear the thunder over head. She opened her eyes as the rain was getting harder. I watched the water go down her long red hair onto her pony tail. She let go of our kiss so she could bite my neck. I could feel her hot tongue on my neck as she giggled as I ran my hands down her body.

She had very delicious curves. I could feel her breath as her chest touched mine. I smiled again when you got the bottom of my wet chest. She stopping kiss me leaning back with my belt buckle touching her shirt. She ran her long nails and small hands on my chest. She pinched my nipples in her small fingers and smiled. I then reached down to pull her white shirt over her head. I could see her body under the wetness of the shirt. The large green bathing suit stood out from the white shirt. I pulled her shirt off and through it on the grass which was now mud. She giggled as the mud and rain got on the white shirt. She leaned back in as I bent down to meet her lips half way.

She ran her long nails on my back as she rubbed my muscular shoulder and large arms. She was getting two tickets to the gun show as I tried to flex. She smiled again when I put my hands on her back. I ran my hands down over her butt. I stopped to give her butt a nice big squeeze. I could feel her giggle in my mouth as she looked into my eyes again. I took my tongue to touch her hot lips as she smiled. I was getting wetter my the moment. The sun had almost gone down as the thunder broke over head again. The sky lit up from the lightening in the distance. I was having problems breathing as she kissed me more deeply. I had to see more of her. It was like she could read my mind.

She broke our kiss and leaned back again. She was very wet on her green bathing suit. The top had gone from a light green to dark green from getting wet. She slowly unzipped her top letting her large breast fall into her small hands. She covered her front and looked me in the eyes again. I smiled as she began to pinch her pierced nipple as she licked her lips. She put her right foot in the wooden heels on my basketball in the mud. She almost fell over. I reached to steady her as we began to kiss again. I could feel out nipples touch as she moved in my arms. Are body pressed against each other as the rain washed over us. I kissed her on the forehead than her left cheek. She let go to suck my right nipple. She squeezed my ass in my jeans.

I took once step back as I felt her two hand on my belt buckle. She loosen my belt. Then she pulled the size 28inch belt off. She through that in the mud. "Blop!!" I watched as she gently ran her fingers around my waist and hips. Then she unbutton my top button on my jeans. She used her long finger nails again around my waist. She gently put her hands inside my back pockets as we kissed. She then slid her small hands in the back of my jeans touching my bare butt. I could feel her wet hands and the rain run down my crack into the bottom of the jeans. I smiled as she struggled to unzip my jeans. They had become hard to unzip with the rain. She finally broke are kiss to yank down on my zipper.

My jeans were around my ankles in the mud. I took off my shoes and jeans. I through them in the mud. She came closer as we started to kiss again. She was such a great kisser. I was more than excited to have her in my arms. I ran my hands down her back to feel her ass on my finger tips. Her breathing had increased and her knees began to shake. I picked her up into my arms. I could feel her feet move above the grass as we kissed more deep than we had before. I put her back down gently as she ran her finger nails down my chest and stopped at my white cotton briefs.

My underwear was soaked. My cock was so hard and wet under the material. She traced the length of my cock on the white cotton. My cock head twitched as she looked into my eyes again. I heard another loud "BOOM!!!!" from the thunder and the rain was coming down harder. She stopped kissing me again as she moved her hands up than down freeing her bathing suit. She than used her hands down the side of her hips to take off the bathing suit and the pair of green shorts. Both were dark green now and very wet. They were both at her ankles as she walked out of the them leaving them in the mud. I was in my white cotton briefs and she was in a green thong that set high on her hips. There were about 4-5 white jewels on the front between her legs covering her pussy.

She walked over to me and kicked the basketball to move it out of her way. We started to kiss again. I felt her nipple rub against my chest as I touched her neck with my big hand. She tilted her head to the left so I could bite her neck this time. She ran her nails down my back following the water from the rain. I then felt her hips move as she grinded her lower body against my erect cock. I think she could feel all 9 3/4 of me as she began to French kiss me harder. I followed her eyes as she looked down to my waist. She reached down to pull down my underwear. My white soaked briefs were around my ankles as she put her muddy heal on them between my legs. She then leaned back as tried to untie her thong.

After a few seconds I moved her around so she was facing the other way. I kissed her neck as I ran my tongue down her back stopping at the top off her amazing ass. I could now see the thong had become tied in a knot. She giggled when she realized I was having problems. "Let me get that sweetie. I put them on in the dark this morning." she said. Just like that she bent at the knees causing them to fall in between her legs. I then felt her hand on my erection. She traced her long finger nails up my shaft to the top of my cock head. She began to kiss me again as I played with her perfect ass in my big hands. I could feel the water going down her hair to her back, then to the top of her ass cheeks. Some water went down her ass crack as she squeezed me harder. We were so hot from rubbing together. That the cold rain was coming off our skin in little white puffs.

She finally grabbed my two big hands to play with her huge breast. I could feel the bottom of her breast as she let go of my hands. She grinded her naked ass on my cock as she liked what I was doing to her. I kissed her left ear then sucked on her neck as I fondled her breast. I tweaked her piercing and the other nipple as I ran my hands all over her breast. They were so big that my large hand looked small. They were heavy but so erotic as she wiggled in my arms. I held them straight out to catch some rain. She pushed them together catching the water. There was first a little pool in between her cleavage. Than the pool of water got so big it overflowed off the sides of her breast. Not even the underneath of her breast were spared from the rain water. She smiled as she saw my fingers on her nipples pulling them as the water cascade over the sides. She leaned in to lick some of the water on her chest. I watched as she let go of the sides of her breast. I slowly brought my hands down releasing the giant water fall onto the mud beneath us. Just then a bolt of lighting came down next to her house.

I am not sure how it happen but I was laying on my back in the mud. She was on top still kissing me. She moved her hips and put her knees in the mud next to my waist. Her eyes opened when she realized I had pushed her knees causing her to completely rest on my body. She was laying flat on top of me as her curled toes were on my calves. Her hands were on my head as we began to kiss. I reached up to steady her on top of me. We kissed as the rain hit her back and the mud squished underneath me. I heard the thunder and saw another bolt of lightening as she closed her eyes. I could feel her tongues deep inside my mouth as I kissed her back. She let go to put her hands on my chest. "Am I hurting you sweetie?" she said. I smiled as I brought my lips up to meet her lips.

As we still kissed I felt her move her hand down to my waist. She moved slightly to play with my erect cock. I could now feel the rain on the top of my cock head. I could also feel her long nails as she tugged on him. She paused and breathed in then I felt her body move. She had gently put my cock at the front of her pussy. She inserted it very gently as I matched her breathing. She closed her eyes when she felt the first inch go inside her tight pussy. After a few minutes she had completely let go and I was buried deep inside her. She had almost the entire length in her as she bit my lower lip. I could the rain wash down her back over her amazing ass onto my naked balls.

She picked her head back up as she orgasmed for the first time. She put her hands on my chest as she fucked me harder. I could feel the mud on the back of my head and some on my right ear. She was now slamming her ass in the air causing her pussy to move farther on my cock. I smiled as I felt her tighten her stomach and her pussy muscles quaked on my cock. I grabbed her large breast placing the right one in my mouth. I sucked on her nipple and rubbed the back of her ass as she fucked me. I watched as her face said a thousands words. She quivered and shook. Her eyes moved and her lips twinged. I slammed my cock and my hips to match her.

After a few more minuted she moved her knees down into the mud. She brought her feet up. Her heels were next to my hips and waist. She moved slightly releasing my cock into the rain. She inserted my cock back in her hot pussy. She started to fuck me more harder as she rode my cock. I matched her rhythm as she let go and put her hands on her hips. I leaned up to suck both her nipples in my big mouth. I could feel the rain on my face and head as I sucked her breast. She was moving her pussy all over my cock. She orgasmed again. "FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh god yes! You mother fucker!! God I love you cock!" she said. I felt her stomach tighten then her pussy lips clenched my cock. She was having a big orgasm. I could feel her wetness as it moved the water back down my cock.

I reached up with both hands to slam her completely down on my cock. All of my cock was now buried deep inside her. I could feel her wet skin on mine as I kissed the under side of her breast. I had to cumm as she continued not to miss a beat. My legs tensed as she leaned back on her large butt. I could feel her ass on my upper thighs. She moved slightly causing my cock to come out of her hot pussy. I watched as she put my cock on the outside of her pussy against her bald mound. Her cunt lips were on the side as she tugged with her nails. My cock opened. "I'm cummmmming!!! Yes! Fucking Yes!!! Baby!! Baby!" I said. "Let me see baby. Cumm for Dawn. That is sweetie. Show Dawn how much you like it." she said. I erupted with one huge load. Her cunt lips expanded as the first volley went up and hit just under her chin. The next shot hit on her chest followed by the next 4-5 spurts covered her breast, belly button and top of her pussy mound. I had never cumm so hard before.

I slammed my head back into the mud. "Spooollsssh!!!!!" I had some mud in my left ear and on my forehead. She smiled as she licked me off her breast. She scooped up some cumm too lick on her tongues. It was still raining as the water cascaded down her body onto mine. She then fell on top of me as we began to kiss. I could feel her body on me. I ran my hands down her back. She started to kiss my neck and shoulders. She looked into my eyes then down to my waist. My cock twitched as it began to get hard. I smiled as she slowly spun around toward my feet.

I then felt her move her hips so I could put her legs over my shoulder. I kissed her ankles as her wooden heels went by my face into the mud. I then felt her hot mouth on my cock. She started to suck my cock. I could feel her mouth on my big naked balls. As she moved her hand down my thighs and legs. I took my hands over her hips and leaned my face into her pussy. We were now in a perfect 69 position as I ate her pussy. Then rain was coming down her ass into my mouth as I ate her pussy. I nibbled on her cunt lips and stuck my tongue on her labia. She came again as I licked from one to the other end. I rubbed her ass with my two hands as she had taken my cock fully down her throat. She was bobbing her head up and down using her hand to stroke my cock. I was eating her pussy and sucking very hard. I swirled my tongue deep inside her first clockwise then counter clockwise as she screamed. I big bolt of lightening came near her house again as the thunder shook her off me into the mud.

She was now on her side in the mud as I crawled to her. We sat on our knees kissing. I fondled her butt. She fondled mine. I rubbed her chest and she did the same thing to me. Both of her faces were wet. Her hair and mine were drenched as we kissed in the rain. I could feel the mud on my knees as we kissed. I reached down to insert my cock into her pussy. She fell forward onto my chest as we fucked a few minutes in this position. I pinched her ass and she broke our kiss. She looked at me then turned around facing the fence. I slapped her right ass cheek. She looked over her shoulder into my eyes.

I inserted my hard cock back in her pussy. I reached up to pull on her pony tail. She whipped her head making me loose her pony tail. She then reached up to untie her pony tail freeing her hair. Her hair was wet as I scooped it all up off her back. It was all the way down to her perfect ass as I fucked her. I was moving my hip really slamming my cock into her. Her elbows clasped and her face was inches above the mud. She held that for a few minutes as I fucked her harder. She then fell into the mud. She was covered in the front. Her breast moved on her sides. They pushed up the mud as I continued to fuck her. She spit out some water form her mouth and screamed "fuck me hard! Harder! Harder!! Fuck me harder! Oh my god you cock is so good baby!!!!!!" I tried to hold on to her hips but they slipped from the mud. Her side was muddy and I looked down to see the mud on her thighs and legs. Her poor wooden hells were completely muddy.

I stopped for a second as I felt her orgasm again. I dropped down to my side with my cock still inside her. She moved on her back as we both saw how covered in mud she was. I rubbed the mud on her chest and lower body. Her face was not covered but there was some mud on her forehead and cheeks. Her perfect lip stick was still shiny as the rain beaded down on us. I smiled as she felt my balls had mud on them. She looked down to see my naked cock go in and out of her pussy. She moved her hips and pushed her tits together. She was completely covered in mud, cumm , my sweat and hers and soaked from the rain. I quickly with drew my cock. "Pop!!" "Bring it here baby. I need to taste you sexy. Bring it to me! Fuck yes bring that cock to my mouth." she said. I froze as my cock hit her hungry mouth. She finished me off as I erupted deep inside her mouth. I feel back on the ground covered in mud.

I felt a ruff object on my butt. I turned to see my basketball had rolled down touching my left ass cheek. "Maybe we should go inside. I need to take a hot shower and get warmed up. I don't want to catch a cold." she said. I got off my knees and walked over to her. I helped her onto her feet. We started to walk towards her sliding glass door. "Better pick up your ball. You don't want to loose it again." she said. "I was hoping to loose it again in your back yard." I said. "Your going to loose more than that ball if you keep coming next door." she giggled. I picked up the ball, then I picked up our clothes off the mud.

"Wait! Before we go inside. Turn around." she said. I then felt water from a hose. She was washing the mud off my back and shoulders. Then from my head and now was spraying me on the ass. She spent a few minutes on my small ass as she then cleaned my long legs and feet. I turned around as she sprayed my face and long arms. "I need to get all that mud of you mister." she smiled. She sprayed my cock clean and then the front of my legs. She bent down to turn off the hose. Then she turned off the sprinkler. "I think my back yard got enough water for one day." she said. She then opened her sliding glass door as she walked inside her house all muddy. She motion with her tiny finger for me to come in. I laughed as I followed her muddy foot prints in her hallway.

I walked through her kitchen as I heard her laugh across the room. She stopped at her entrance to the living room. She smiled as she saw me look down on her kitchen table. She had two cook books. Next to one was a gardening book. She just got in the mail the day before. "How to start a new garden". I turned to the right and on the fridge was a bag clip with some mail in it. "Before I forget, can you stop bye tomorrow. Seems some of your mail got mixed in with mine." she said. I looked again to see she had rearranged some different color letters on her fridge. She had spelled out "Ms. Dawn P to do list:".... under that was.....see young sexy new neighbor ask him he like to see my melons."

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Thank you again for writing so many awesome make life alot brighter my dear!