Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sexy in the Pool!

My newest update is a good one! It's from a set that I shot last week! You are gonna love it! I took pics in and out of the pool...it's amazing to me how my boobs just float so nicely in water. I wouldn't even need a bra if I could just be a mermaid. LOL ! I know I'm a dork! Anyway here are some pics...I hope you enjoy! There are way more to see @ MsDawnP.com

Monday, August 24, 2009

My long lost vibrator...it's baaaaaaaack!

I had one hell of a weekend as far as being by myself went. I could not wait to just be able to spend sometime with me...and my new favorite sex toy! I have recently discovered this vibrator stuck in the back of my drawer, it was there for way too long. The picture shows it all...but mine is a clear purple...same pearls...my controls are a little different...but all in all it's what I had shoved inside me multiple times on Saturday. For quite sometime I have been using a little magic bullet...I put it on my clit...play with my nipples...have an orgasm...and roll over and go to sleep. Ahhhhh but not this weekend. I was on a mission. How many orgasms can I have?

I put on a little lesbian porn...yep porn...I love it...although I am really only a fan of girl on girl action. It's funny the lesbian porn gets me worked up...but the thoughts in my head definitely weren't about another female. I imagined sitting on a nice hard cock...riding it slowly at first and then faster and faster. My first orgasm was amazing...I laid there thinking about the fact...that 2 orgasms in a row would be really great...but seemed impossible. I continued to watch the movie...and actually was discussing my amazing orgasm with a male friend of mine via text. My mind started racing again...I slid my vibrator back inside my still very wet pussy. It felt so great...it would definitely take me a little time but I was going to have another one...I was going to make sure. The great thing about my long lost vibrator is it has two functions...the part of the vibrator that goes inside me, it goes around in little circles and the pearls massage the inside of the pussy...and little nub on the outside does a fine job of giving my clit maximum stimulation.

As I fucked myself I started thinking about something that I have never done. I have never sat on a man's face. I have hang ups but don't we all...but I imagined how great the control would be. My wet hot pussy grinding on his face. Mmmm his tongue deep inside me. I thought about him sucking on my clit...I had another orgasm...the 2nd one bigger than the first. I laid there in the aftermath of my thunderous orgasm amazed that a toy and some imagination could rock my body that hard. Thank goodness it was only the afternoon...I wasn't done yet. Although, I did take a break.

I picked back up before I went out to the club that night...I was already dressed to go...my pussy was aching for a little more attention. I hiked up my skirt and slid my panties to the slide. I rubbed my vibe on my clit...I was already ready to go...I slid my vibrator as deep inside me as it would go...I turned it on...and quickly got myself off. When I finished I adjusted my panties...and all night my wet panties reminded me about the three orgasms I had that day...next time I'm all alone...I am going to go for five.

Friday, August 21, 2009

What a busy busy week!

My photographer who happens to be the lovely Shameless Angel and my videographer came out to Tucson for 4 days. We had alot of content to shoot! I have never shot so much content at one time...it felt great when I was all done. It is always great having Samantha and Andy here...I love hanging out and catching up with them.

There are going to be some amazing videos going up on my site over the next few months. I did a fun boob crushing video, I promise it will be interesting and really a good laugh. I did some videos in the pool, I can't wait for you to see...I even got the nerve to jump off the diving board...not only that but I was naked doing it!

There are some great picture sets coming as well...I will put up a couple pictures so you can see what you can expect over the next couple months. Click here see me in all my glory!

New site...new updates...new features!

My new site went up this week! It is so amazing...I am in love! Yes I can fall in love with my own site...it was a long time coming. I loved the old one so much that I wasn't sure I would ever be able to change it. But, my webmistress really out did herself. Plus, I had some new features I was adding so it was definitely time.

One of the new exciting features on my site is the Erotic Bed Time Stories by me. :) I bought my own little camera and I read my favorite stories to you! This section of my site will update weekly to start out with...so that means 3 updates a week! One erotic story...one picture set and also a regular video. My first story is about some hot lesbian action! I have a fascination with lesbian porn...this new feature is going to help my members learn alot more about me.

Also, starting very soon...my webcam shows will be playing in the website itself. No more longing on to yahoo to see me...you will be able to open my site and watch right there. We are still working out the kinks on this one...so I am thinking should be working within 2 weeks.

So, make sure you come see the new design! It's beautiful and it has 2 new videos for you to enjoy! Thanks for your support! XoxoX

Sunday, August 16, 2009

More updates!

You can come see these two new updates @ MsDawnP.com

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I'm not so Little Red Riding Hood!

& I am looking for my big bad wolf! The newest update that went up this week is in this cute little red hoody...I had lots of fun in this outfit...hugs the booty well. Doesn't do such a good job of containing my boobs but hey why hide them! Plus lots of pictures in this update of my big thighs. You can see more @ www.MsDawnP.com