Thursday, January 28, 2010

Almost a month into the new year...

and not a peep from Ms. Dawn. I know I go through this more than I don't but what can I say...I have been working really hard at my regular job. I have had to work mandatory overtime every week until this one. On top of that I have been sick twice with the flu and also with a cold. I am just getting over the newest sickness...just in time for the weekend. LoL! That's pretty much been it for me. Work has consumed so much of my time lately. I barely find time to sign on a check my email. And to think my plan...not my resolution for the new year is to keep up. I am already 28 days behind. :)~

I can't even think of anything exciting to tell you. I haven't had sex again...since's been more difficult this time...I mean not that I have had to turn any down but I am telling you I am a walking time bomb! I'm probably alot like a man these days in terms of thinking about it every 12 seconds. My dirty ass mind can turn anything into something sexual these days. I have a new name at work...Dirty D...yep that's what everyone calls me. No one knows about my little secret...I take that guy found me on the internet. He proposed marriage...he is a young one and such a sweetheart. That's been the extent of me as of lately. I need something fun and exciting to write about so I think this weekend...I am going to try something a little over the top for me. My favorite toy is a silver bullet, it's wired with a remote. I was thinking I might try slipping that thing in my panties and put the remote in my pocket. Maybe go out to a club have a few drinks and see what kind of trouble I can get myself into. You can bet I will give you all the blow by blow (no pun intended). I am going to throw some pictures up of my newest know where to find me