Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My birthday is coming and I am so excited!!!

My birthday week as begun and it is off to a great start! Yes I said birthday "week" I wait all year for my birthday...so why not celebrate all week! LOL...so the official celebrating doesn't start until Friday @ 840am when I arrive in Las Vegas! But I am so ready...I got a few new outfits and although I promised pics from the last trip and did not come thru...I am going to buy a new camera tomorrow...so for sure...I am going to have someone taking pics all weekend...normally for my birthday my friends buy me a paddle and proceed to blacken my ass with spankings...not sure it will go down like that this year...but I can tell you I will be super disappointed if it doesn't...it is one 0f the things I look forward to most...I love a good ass whoopin...

The first year I ever got a paddle it was wooden and it got broken across my ass...then another year someone showed up with a leather paddle with a kiss on it...I bent over the pool table and everyone took turns...I just love it...I can't explain it...I don't know what it is...the harder the better...I seriously love when it stings so much that it is almost intolerable...alot of people don't understand...hell I don't understand...it's not a sexual thing for me...I mean I don't get wet or anything like that...but I get hella excited...maybe I am just weird..LOL...yeah that must be it...here's a pic from my last birthday...if you look hard you can see the paddle coming at me from the right side

Well wish me luck I hope to at the very least get a good spanking! But if not...I will be taking volunteers...LOL
Ok now on to the other sexy stuff...that set I told you about with the watering my tits and ass...well the video went up the other day...and I have to tell you...my video guy did some amazing stuff with this one...the end of it was in slow motion as I was doing the boob drop...that's when you hold them up as high as you can and then let them drop...the way they flailed around was amazing...and in slow mo...I can't believe how totally freakin cool it looked...you must definitely check it out! Also I shoot a set in Vegas in a lace body stocking...all the way down to nothing...woohoo...naked Dawn! Good stuff...come stop by http://www.msdawnp.com/

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Yay! The Stripper Pole update went up today!

I want to start out by telling you about a message I got on myspace today! It was the best story I have heard in a long time:

I was trying jackoff to your pic on my phone and your tits were so big my phone froze up lol .I take in to get fix and your pic was still up and the woman was like DAMN i see why

LMAO! I love it!

Monday, April 14, 2008

I'm home!!!

What an eventful week! I actually missed doing this whole blog thing while I was gone...I had a computer available but no time for just me to sit down and really write...I had every intention of writing about my whole trip with pictures etc...but my camera really wasn't working so I got a few phone pics I can share...it started on a thursday night...over a week ago

I finished up my packing and it was time to head off to the train station...I had 6 bags...I seriously packed...one huge suitcase for regular clothes, one for shoes, a bag with all the outfits for my photoshoots...one bag for make up and hair, another for stuff to do on the train...and of course my very large purse...I knew Andy (photographer/webmaster) was going to want to kill me when he saw all my luggage...but hey I had 8 days worth of stuff to pack...I arrived at the train station at 11pm only to find out that the train was running late...by an hour or so...so I broke out the crossword puzzle and just chilled on the bench...
The train ride was uneventful...I watched movies on a little portable dvd player...fell asleep around 4am and then awoke at 630am...I am not a good train rider...I wish I could have spent the whole 10 hours sleeping but alas...I was awake...the countryside was beautiful...when I finally got to LA, Andy and Samantha picked me up...we went shopping in downtown LA...and then I don't really remember what we did...I was beat!

Saturday we woke up early to do some more shopping but ended up just going to our first house we were shooting at...it was a great house and I took 6 sets of photos there...one of my favorites was an outdoor set that Satu took...the video for that one is going to be soooooo cute...I used a... damn I can't think of the word...you water flowers with it and it has a spout...anyway...filled it up with water and watered the breasts and the ass! Hmmm I wonder if I can add a little miracle grow and make them bigger...lol...It was very cold...but so so fun!

We went to Vegas and shot in the Vegas Pimp House for 3 days! I was there with Shameless Angel and The Blonde Goddess. It was a good time...got to shoot with a stripper pole and a pool table...plus alot of other cool places...

I am home now and having a really hard time getting back to the swing of things...maybe by the weekend!

Oh snap...I forgot about my most exciting adventure yet! On friday the day I arrived...I went shopping at a sex toy warehouse! It was awesome...there were more sex toys then you could ever imagine...I have a new plethra of toys...so I will have lots to talk about...I have been a serious masturbator since I have been home...I have had to try out all my new toys...one of them 4 times...remember I have only been home since Saturday! LOL...I love me!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The upcoming week!

I am leaving on a train tonight to go to LA...I am so excited...I have taken the train before and its very relaxing...I am looking so fwd to it...I am shooting for my site for the next week...I will be in LA for a few days then I will be driving with the lovely Desiree Devine to Vegas....and I will be hanging out with all the Hard Ten models...should be lots of fun...I am so excited to see the lovely Shameless Angel and I believe I will even be seeing some of the new girls...

After a few days in Vegas I will be heading back to LA where I will shoot some more...and then finally next friday on the train I go back home...it's funny as excited as I am to go...I am already looking fwd to my trip home as well...not bad...a weeks worth of work lasts me a few months...I will take some candid pictures of everyone so you can see all the gorgeous girls I get the pleasure of hanging out with...if I can pop online I will and give a little run down on what's going on...hope all is well...have a fabulous week...

Here's a little taste of my newest set...it was the last time I was in Vegas at the Palms...I love the set...hope you enjoy!

Dawn P.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I went to bed really early tonight before 9pm...I have things to do really early...well needless to say I woke up at 12:20 and here I am 2 hours later sitting in front of the computer...I tried so hard to go back to sleep...I just laid there in my bed and thought about sex...some real hot brutal kind of sex...

I was thinking how much I would love to have a man hold me down...have his hand over my mouth while he's fuckin me really hard...flip me over and spank my ass so hard that it brings tears to my eyes...it fuckin turns me on to be scared and resist a man like this...I am in control of all facets of my life so it's nice to give up the control sometimes...I know a friend who has a gas mask and I haven't seen it but I can just imagine how hot and scary it would be to have a guy wear something like that while we are fucking...I imagine sleeping and being woken up in the middle of the night...there he is with a gas mask on...I can't really see who it is...because the of the darkness...but I know its him...I can hear the heavy breathing through the mask...he puts his hand over my mouth so I can't make a sound...then he slides his fingers inside me...and fucks me hard with his fingers while I squirm underneath him...but I can't get away...He has all control...I am breathing hard...but I can't say anything...I cum all over his fingers...because no matter how hard I resist...I am loving every minute of this...we fuck...and we fuck hard...

So back to my still being awake...needless to say I had to fuck myself tonight after all the thinking I was doing...I thought for sure it would knock me out...because for some reason like a man I have an orgasm and I pass out...but not tonight...instead I just laid there...thinking...and thinking some more...so here I am sharing my nasty little thoughts with you...
I feel like I need to say that this is not the only kind of sex I like to have...nice sweet sex is good too...but every once in a while a girl needs to surrender control...well this girl does anyway!

And one last thing...there is a video update on my site...here is preview pic...