Tuesday, August 28, 2012

BBW Fanfest 2012

I drove into Vegas at about 6pm...just in time to get a shower and start getting ready for the BBW Fanfest Kickoff Party at Club Plush! That's the flyer up above with Lexxi Luxe, Desiree Devine and I. I had to post the flyer because I absolutely love that picture! I got ready...made myself a big Jack and Diet and went to Desiree and Platinum's room so the festivities could begin! Woooo there were lots of good looking men in their room, between security and friends that were there to help out...I was like daaaaaaaaaaaaamn! I asked Desiree, "Where did you find all these men!?" Heaven!

We drove over to the club in an SUV, I was squished between Platinum and Vixen Blu...I really was squished...there's the pic to prove it! Boobs all up in my face! We got to the club and the real drinking began! I had many Jack and Diets and had a shot called an alien abortion! Not really sure what it was and I can't even tell you what it tasted like...but I shared it with a very handsome man. Can you fall in love over a shot!? lol I know ridiculous! So, anyway I danced the night away and then ended it with breakfast with a group of us at Marilyn's Cafe at the Tuscany Suites where the Fanfest was held. Good times were had by all.

Friday morning...my phone rings at 8AM! I think I went to bed at 5 or 6 so that was so early. My roomie Cherry was here and coming up to the room. I never went back to bed...off to the convention I went. I walked around and looked at all the booths and it was kinda cool the way it was all coming together. One of the security guards came up to me and told me that it was cool that I was the welcome sign to Fanfest...I had no idea what he was talking about...and he showed me! Loved it!

Friday nights party was the White Party. I searched for months trying to find the right white outfit to no avail. So, I did black and white. It was as close as I could get. We partied and we partied hard! Cherry had brought these cherries soaked in moonshine...ugh! They are fabulous! But, I call them the mind erasers because I can't remember shit from that night or the next night! I do remember feeding cupcakes and being fed cupcakes from the shot guy from the night before. lol I know I partied until like 6AM that night. Boy did I feel it when I got up at 10 to get ready for the convention.

Saturday morning...I was sitting at the convention with a Monster Rehab, a Pitbull energy drink and water. None of them helped. I was a mess! Exhausted and super hungover! One of the fans came up to me and said, "Man you were really trashed last night!" smh...if anyone says that too me next year I might not be so nice. It was a party in Vegas with alcohol...why wouldn't I be trashed. Come on son! I sat at the booth for awhile and well there was this couch that I could see from my booth so I made my way over there to lay down for a little bit. Awwww finally I was comfy...the shot/cupcake guy joined me and we caught up on the conversation that we had had the night before...yep the one I couldn't remember. Good times.

Saturday night was the BBWFanfest awards. I was going to be presenting an award. Man...was I nervous as hell...I was shaking bad. I do not like to be up in front of people...at all. I am not sure why I agreed to do it, I knew I couldn't handle it. lol but I did just fine. I sat down and told Cherry, I do not want to go back up on that stage again! Two awards later and they announced me as 2012 BBWFanfest Big Boob BBW of the Year!!! As exciting as that was...I did not want to go up there...talk about a nervous wreck! I had nothing prepared because I honestly wasn't expecting it. I somehow made it through...not even really sure what I said. lol A hot mess I am sure. I'll go on more about the award in a separate blog.

BBWFanfest was so much fun! I can't say enough good things about it. Desiree Devine and Platinum P, did an amazing job pulling it together. Seriously can't wait until next year!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Not even sure I remember how to blog...

I know...I know...lame excuse. I have had a lot going on as of late so I thought I'd come back to my blog and start posting again. The dates for BBW Fanfest 2013 have been posted and I couldn't be more excited. I am going to take a little time today to post about the 2012 Fanfest in another entry. Two words: Good times!

I can only offer the same excuses that I have in the past...work and family have kept me away. But, today I have neither to worry about so I am going to post away......

Monday, April 4, 2011

Trying to catch up...my neverending battle.

It has been so long since I sat in front of this damn computer to write, tweet, post pics...you name it. Life has definitely taken over. Work, family and honestly since I got found out at my last job...I just stayed in hiding. I mean I still do the modeling but just try to hide from the masses. Someone always seems to come across my pictures one place or another. So what the hell I came to show you some of the recent pictures that I have posted on the site...lots more to come. Shameless Angel was just here and we took quite a few sexy sets!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Almost a month into the new year...

and not a peep from Ms. Dawn. I know I go through this more than I don't but what can I say...I have been working really hard at my regular job. I have had to work mandatory overtime every week until this one. On top of that I have been sick twice with the flu and also with a cold. I am just getting over the newest sickness...just in time for the weekend. LoL! That's pretty much been it for me. Work has consumed so much of my time lately. I barely find time to sign on a check my email. And to think my plan...not my resolution for the new year is to keep up. I am already 28 days behind. :)~

I can't even think of anything exciting to tell you. I haven't had sex again...since October...it's been more difficult this time...I mean not that I have had to turn any down but I am telling you I am a walking time bomb! I'm probably alot like a man these days in terms of thinking about it every 12 seconds. My dirty ass mind can turn anything into something sexual these days. I have a new name at work...Dirty D...yep that's what everyone calls me. No one knows about my little secret...I take that back...one guy found me on the internet. He proposed marriage...he is a young one and such a sweetheart. That's been the extent of me as of lately. I need something fun and exciting to write about so I think this weekend...I am going to try something a little over the top for me. My favorite toy is a silver bullet, it's wired with a remote. I was thinking I might try slipping that thing in my panties and put the remote in my pocket. Maybe go out to a club have a few drinks and see what kind of trouble I can get myself into. You can bet I will give you all the blow by blow (no pun intended). I am going to throw some pictures up of my newest updates...you know where to find me http://www.msdawnp.com/

Monday, December 14, 2009

The holidays are here...

I love the holidays...I especially like getting all dressed up in my santa outfits and taking pictures. It's one of my favorite things to shoot. I took three different sets this year so you will get to see alot of holiday goodness. Here is the first preview. I loved this outfit...although it barely contained my boobs...I guess I shouldn't be surprised...they seem to be getting bigger and bigger. I can't wait to do my measuring set in January so I can compare. To see more CLICK HERE.

Celibacy? Drum roll please...........

What's going on with the celibacy thing?....drum roll please.......it has come to an end...or had come to an end. I am back in the same place although not by choice.

I made it to 14 months...yep and you all know I was holding out for someone wonderful. Did that happen? It did momentarily. He was everything I needed at the time. Unfortunately, things didn't work out...but we won't dwell on the negative, instead let me tell you that the sex was off the hook. It's funny you sometimes forget what you are missing out on when you've gone so long without something...I was so missing out. But, it was different this time...it wasn't some random mean nothing guy...it was someone who captured my mind first and then my heart.

I have to tell you though that the first time was hard...I was drinking a little and we were in the hot tub. I knew I wanted to do it...but I had placed such a big expectation on myself to not have sex that when I did...I felt horrible. The sex part was great but the emotions that went along with it were fucking insane. I felt guilty...I felt like I had let myself down...I even cried right there in the hot tub. It was crazy...I wanted it...I cared about this person but it really messed with me for a few minutes. I got over it quickly needless to say.

I am no longer on a quest for celibacy...but I have to tell you that I am going to continue to hold out for that special someone. I deserve it...although I have to tell you tonight I could really go for some forceful, hard, hot sex....yes right about now that sounds like exactly what the doctor ordered. Call me Dr. D.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Newest updates to the site!

Hey everyone! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! I spent time with my family...which is my favorite thing to do. I also went and finally saw the movie New Moon. Yes I am one of those Twilight geeks. I can't help it...I love me some vegetarian vampires...lol!

Well, here is my newest set to the site...the outfit is like a little fishnet romper...it was nice and tight...I hope you like.
I have also had a couple videos go up recently...one in the pool naked...watching my body in motion. It's a pretty cool video. You should check them out!

And finally I made some brownies...they are my favorite! This is a fun one to check out...I made them in my panties :)