Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Extra free pics blog!

My newest update was alot of fun...Shameless Angel (my friend, photographer and fellow model) had this idea to shoot in the doorway...and she was on point...the set was fun and sexy...well the set finally went up on my site on Monday...I checked it and realized that somehow all the pictures where I took my sexy blue lace panties off were left out. I contacted my webmistress and she said the pictures weren't I decided to post them all my's a bonus for all the people out there that support me in my endeavors...I hope you enjoy! To see more of me you can check out my site!


Don Carlos said...

And as always thank you for sharing your totally voluptuous beauty with us, Dawn :D

Anonymous said...

Awesome photos. You look hot as always. I'm actually surprised that your photographer was able to pull these photos off so gracefully. As a photographer myself, I know that getting the right exposure is extremely difficult where you have such a high contrast in light. The bright light coming from the doorway could easily a fool a light meter and cause an underexposed pic.

Lynchie said...

Awesome!!!! I have been a fan for many many many years!!!! You are one sexy lady. Anytime you wanna get together you know how. Beautiful!


Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous, photos against bright light are always very difficult.
The setting is very erotic, I imagine myself passing by and see your stunning beauty in all its softness and creaminess...
The richness of your body really shines in the natural light, I must say, it makes it look even more earthy and delicious.
BTW thanks for sharing these for free!!

TWiST said...

Oh, absolute perfection! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing these with us, Ms P! You're magnificent. :) XxX

Buck Kelly said...

Who said nothing is free - Once again Dawn thanks for the update and like all your pics just so cute and sexy - love that blue on you - Doorway was hot -that body of yours going to cause an accident in more ways than posing. I just wish I was the UPS guy and rang your door bell. I love to see that in my door way. Very hot just like you

thanks for being so sweet and nice!

Love me some MS Dawn P.

Buck Kelly said...

Love the Third Pic down - So hot I to stop again and say "WoW" - Love ya

Black Spiral said...

Dawn, what can I say? You look absolutely Awesome!

Buck Kelly said...

Circling the streets looking for hte doorway. So yummy. Hope your having a great week. It looks like u r. Talk 2 u later.

tim said...

you look so damn good

mk said...

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