Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What is it about a good spanking?

So, I decided after looking over my new update that I should talk about my intense like for a good spanking. I don't mean a silly little slap on the ass...I mean...the bring tears to my eyes type of spanking. I am not really sure if it turns me on...I actually don't think it's that at all(I'll get into this more later in the blog) . I love my birthday because at this point I am guaranteed at least 35 spankings...I like a good solid hand and also like to be spanked with a paddle. I want it to sting! I like public spankings...the more the merrier. Spankings from girls are ok...but there is nothing like a man behind me...focused on my huge it to me hard enough to make my knees buckle. That does not happen often(the knee buckling thing). You would be surprised just how strong of a hit this ass can take. I had a friend once...oh the pain he could inflict on this ass.

Why I don't think it turns me on...I was at a little Sybian party once...and I am quite a modest girl...I am the girl on the Sybian with her panties on...I don't enjoy penetration on this machine...I just like the clit stimulator. I just like to grind on it, it's a guaranteed orgasm or two or three...anyway back to the spanking thing. There was a chick there who was a domme and she had a crop and she was whooping my ass while I rode the machine. She hit hard...real hard...and I could not get off...actually I wasn't enjoying the Sybian at all. And let me tell you how much I love this is such a wonderful about an incredibly intense orgasm...mmmmmmmmmm ok...sorry I was lost in my own little fantasy for a minute. Anyway...the spanking thing totally turned me off...maybe it was it because it was a chick...who really knows...I guess I will have to try it again. I am pretty sure I would like a nice spank from a dude who was hitting it from behind.

The more I am thinking about a good spanking the more I could use one. My birthday is damn near a year away...maybe I could make a certain day of each month National Spanking Day for that month...then I would at least get it good once a month. Yes I know...the 2nd Saturday of each month could be Spank Dawn Saturday....which means...this Saturday when I'm in will be time. But, then I guess I would need to find some volunteers who would be willing to open up a can of whoop ass on my ass. A girl can dream right...


Buck Kelly said...

I go to your suite in Vegas - sit in a chair - have u come over and drop your lingerie around your ankles - then pull you over my knee - I spank you all night checking you every few minutes to see how wet u are - damn - i need to go help myself sexy

The Wizard of BOD said...

Well well well, so National Spank Dawn Day is when you are in Vegas. Great cos, I am bringing the Sybian just for you and I'll throw in a good spanking with my flip flop, it's going to hurt but it's going to hurt soooooooooo good.

Bam Bam said...

it actually is a "turn-on" for you in a way. Any intense love for a certain type of sexual contact is a turn-on for anyone and a nice good hard spanking would fit that category.

I love to give a woman a nce good hard spanking and I love it even more when she loves to be spanked! There are many details I can include as to what I would and could do to you in that situation. Maybe I'll write you and fill you in on it. Are you interested?

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