Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Guess who went to the Red Rooster!?

What is the Red Rooster?

The Red Rooster is Las Vegas's oldest and most well known Swing Party for couples and singles. You can check more about the club at their website

On the first Saturday I was in Vegas which was 2 days before I celebrated my one year of celibacy...I thought why not make this last couple days as hard as possible...hahahaha so I went with a big group of people to the Rooster. I have never been to a swing club before but, I thought if for no other reason this could make for some good writing. If you have not had the opportunity to go to a club like this...well you should try it. I had a wonderful time. The coolest thing about the club is it's just like going to a regular club...there's a dj/entertainer who looks like Wayne Newton...a dance floor...tables...a little bar area(which you bring your own bottle of liquor and they mix your drinks for you)...there were snacks...a pool and hot tub...and lastly the thing that made it a little different than most clubs there were bedrooms with a 20 minute time limit. I mean who hasn't been out to a club and wished you didn't have to wait until you get home to get your hands on your significant other or someone you just met but both of you are there for the same reason.

It started like any other club night...more people I knew came...we all sat and shot the shit...and then one of the girls said, "Let me give you a tour" at first I was like no...I would have been happy just staying at the table for the whole night. But, after a few pleas I said what the hell...and off we went. First she took me to a room off the sitting had a pool table and there were people hanging out in there in their lingerie. The dress code is pretty laid back...women can be naked and men have to cover their junk. Yes naked ladies! Good stuff! Then we got to the locker area...u can use the lockers when u go swimming...and right on the other side of the lockers is the first group of rooms with the "20 minute time limit" posted on the door. How fun would that be!?
Pool area
Next she showed me the pool area and to my surprise there was a woman in her 50's standing against the wall with one of her tits out of her shirt...I wasn't sure what that was all about but it was funny...I smiled and said hello...and giggled uncontrollably inside. Maybe that was a way to get let people know she had something she was willing to share. Whatever it was I can tell you I am 99% sure homegirl got lucky that night. And last but certainly not least was the Orgy Room! Tell me this place doesn't look like a fuckin' good time! It was empty when I took the tour...but I knew I would be back. I am one voyeuristic chick!Orgy Room
So, as the night went on and more alcoholic beverages were consumed...I got dragged into a 20 minute I was going as a security blanket for a in this little room there were 3 men and 3 women...I was not participating so we will say 2 women. I watched some of the hottest sex I had ever seen...the actual couple in the room...would switch off between the husband and then the stud that his wife had picked...each would fuck her in different positions...I was watching my own personal porno (although truth be told if it was my porno I would have been watching 5 women...but alas this was good stuff). And then I sort of joined in...I kissed my girlfriend while she was getting railed by the hunk of a man she has choosen. Yep...that was the extent of my swinging...kissing girls...which I love to do. It's so sensual to have a woman's lips on yours. Soft wet and sometimes urgent kisses. It was time for me to join the party back to the sitting area I went. The place was getting pretty crowded...and I ran into a good looking couple who asked if I would like to join them...I told them I would be interested in watching and maybe kissing the girl but had no interest in the dude. So, they said they would come find me when it was their turn for a now the wait was up to 30 minutes or so. In the meantime I found myself in a room with a table I can only describe as a pussy eating table. I was in there with 2 girls and a guy...had my prayers been answered was I gonna get to see my own personal porno? A little hot lesbian action...well sadly the answer is no...but I really wanted to try out that table...I may have been persuaded but there was a knock at the door and the couple that I had agreed to watch was ready for I slipped out the of the room and moved my way into the other room. I joined the couple and she was bent over the dresser and he was slowly...very slowly hitting it from behind. Now I only wish you guys could see me imitate the way he was fucking her...because I did a very good rendition of it. I was standing across the room watching...drinking my drink...I wanted to tell him to speed it was killing me. I didn't know I was going to watch him make sweet love to his girlfriend...I certainly didn't sign up for that. I excused myself to use the bathroom and let them know if I didn't make it back...just to keep doing their thing. Guess who never made it back? Yep that would be yours truly.

So, I am glad i don't live in Vegas because I would definitely have a new hang out. I would be a Rooster regular...I didn't get laid but I wasn't looking to...actually come to think about it...someone asked me if I would like to fuck. I politely declined...after all my one year anniversary was 2 days away. Being at a swing club really made me question what I am looking for in a relationship...I never thought that I would even want to be in the life style...but I have had the honor of knowing some really amazing loving couples who do it. I think their relationships seem more solid than some of my non-swinging friends. It's something else to think about on my search for my other half.


twisttwistytwist said...

Oh my... how wild is that? You're just giving me even more incentive to make the great odyssey across to America and Vegas next year... ;)

You must have the temptation-resistance powers of a saint, Ms P... all credit to you! :) XxX

Bi-servantgirl said...

I wanted you to hold my hand and watch something too... I haven't seen anything live in my two visits, and I live here. LOL I am a scaredy cat.

Thank you for blogging the experience, I get to live vicariously through you Dawn!!!

Buck Kelly said...

Wow - as always the life of the party - glad u went and has so much fun - i ve been to a couple of swinger clubs in the past had similar experices but always too tempted - Just wish I was there to hold you hand and watch your reaction - love to see u on the pussy table - love me some oral - later cut and sexy - ur an amazing head turner - i am sure u made that couple night - muah!!!

The Wizard said...

Oh my, that was one of the best descriptions of a place like that I have ever heard. It got me intrigued and now I wanna go sometime...with you and the 5 girls you dream about. Let's make fantasies a reality.

The Wizard