Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Newest video updates!

The first update I'm going to talk about is the water balloon's officially my very favorite update...while it's cute and is alot of fun and actually quite a laugh! I decided it would be fun to bring really big water balloons...I sat on a few and also popped a few on my little white tank top! It's a must see! @
The next video that went up...was from a windy day and I was playing with some windmills. I was having a great time trying to make them both can see me in just my panties...enjoying the outdoors.
And the last video that went up was me on a of those exercise machines! I thought I would be able to do it for 5 minutes at the very least...hahaha not so much! My thighs rubbing together was causing some serious heat! Come see me move @


TWiST said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Twist said...

Mmmm, what an exquisite threesome of activities! Perfection. ;) I must admit the water ballooning looks like the most fun... I have to agree with you there, Ms P! XxX

Dan_Sky said...

:) just perfect and beautiful! =) i dont have more words! =)

khaled said...

wonderful wonderfulwonderful wonderfulwonderful wonderfulwonderful wonderfulwonderful wonderful
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