Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Webcam shows!

I am up and running with a new computer and my own high speed internet access! I will be doing members only webcam shows weekly. My last web cam show...last Thursday was alot of fun! I will be webcamming this week on Thursday night May 15th @ 10pm PST and then again on Friday the 16th @ noon PST. I am going to try and keep up with my got thrown off because of a job I recently had. And although I am looking for another job web camming is going to be a priority. In addition to webcam shows my site has alot of great content! There's 1000's of pictures and a ton of videos! I update once a week with a picture set and also a video. I love ideas that you give me. I do my best to make them happen. I have a new section coming to my site...I should have that up by months end. I am very excited for this and I think you will be too! Come join my site and get to check out my huge boobs and butt on cam!