Wednesday, May 13, 2009

On a mission

So, it's been 10 months for me with no sex. It sucked for a long time...because as much as masturbation does the trick for the most part...there is still nothing like a nice warm body pressed against mine, not to mention a nice hard dick. It been a tough 10 months...well I would say until about a month ago. I feel like because I have gone this long that I am on a mission.
The main reason I have not had sex is because I am looking for something more meaningful than just a roll in the hay. Don't get me wrong if a guy that really turned me on came around...I might just fuck strings. (Buck, if you are reading this...that's for you) But, I've done the meaningless thing before and I never feel that great when it's over. So, I have decided I am going to see just how long I can abstain.
That is my long can I go? Does that mean no oral? no fingers? no anal? Yes...yes it does. Kissing is not out of the question...cause when Ms. Dawn is drinking Ms. Dawn is So, let the masturbating commence...since that's all I'm gettin'...I better be gettin' it on the daily. I'm a woman in her prime and I just gave up the one thing I could really use to put a smile on my face. DICK!


Wicked Boston Sports, Guy said...

how is it youve had no sex? crazy..

david said...

damn that s too bad, well heres hoping that changes at the bash cus I plan on being there, hehe

Anonymous said...

Who loves you more than your Young Buck - I wish I was there - I applaud you for sticking to your goal - I also thinks its great that you still thinking about a kiss - every now and then - that the most amazing part of your body and mind - those juicy lips. I am just finishing up a new story for you = Harley Young Buck and Dawn P in the desert - a bike and the sun rise - later cute and sexy - love you more than you know - love me some Ms Dawn P


Wayne Weary said...

Hi Dawn! How Are you Sweetie. I'll be posting the rest of the remaing NFL teams' schedules on Direct TV Dish Network, Cable, and Telephone Companies. Take Care Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Ms Dawn, I have to ask. Who is the "right" man? Tell us about him. there an application process?? :-) Seriously, congratulations on doing what you feel is right. Obviously not the easiest thing to do! I hope you find everything you want.....and soon!!

winkle said...

nothing wrong with that gurl do your thing

Tinyguy4ssbbw said...

Wow. Brava to you. I wish my sex drought wasn't a mission. I wish you nothing but luck in your quest! Go Bills! By the way I think you are my weird science girl! So perfect!
Tiny in AZ.

Buck Kelly said...

I love me some Ms Dawn P

I just need to figure out how to be a follower of your blog

I had to start a blog today on blog spot - maybe a dedication to the hottest girl on the web

Later Sexy

Buck Kelly said...

I figured out how to be a follower - thanks

later sexy


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