Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My cups runneth over!

Ahhhh but that is the story of my life...I wish there was a bra or a corset that could contain these boobs. I could probably get a corset made...hmmm I will have to look into that. My newest update actually concentrates alot on my big delicious booty and of course my there is something for everyone!

Also I have two new videos from last week I was outside in only a thong and a beautiful piece of sheer blue material, blowing in the wind...the other well I will post a link to a dear friend's blog, he explains it better than I ever could! Click here for blog

Also, I have decided to make my webcam shows every Monday night @ 9pm PST. And I will intermittedly being doing day shows when time allows...hope everyone is having a good week! Happy Hump Day! (Oh my how this mission of no sex is killing me!)


Tinyguy4ssbbw said...

Oh my dearest Dawn. How i wish i could see you in a corsett. Sitting across from me in some tiny coffee shop in Tucson. MMMMMM a vision is what you are! I can only imagine how big and heavy they are. Can't wait for Monday!

Anonymous said...

Dear Dawn, I'm glad you liked my homage, and thank you for the link too!

I found your latest video very sensual... The wind, the silence and your curves create such a magical atmosphere. Very sensual. It's always been my dream to kiss my woman on top of a mountain, making out between rocks and plants burnt by the sun, surrounded only by silence and the curves of my woman.

Buck Kelly said...

Love the video - made my mind race - truly sexy and cute - Corset would be very hot hot hot on you - lets hope there one out there for you sexy - later sweet,sexy,cute and amzing

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