Thursday, April 3, 2008

The upcoming week!

I am leaving on a train tonight to go to LA...I am so excited...I have taken the train before and its very relaxing...I am looking so fwd to it...I am shooting for my site for the next week...I will be in LA for a few days then I will be driving with the lovely Desiree Devine to Vegas....and I will be hanging out with all the Hard Ten models...should be lots of fun...I am so excited to see the lovely Shameless Angel and I believe I will even be seeing some of the new girls...

After a few days in Vegas I will be heading back to LA where I will shoot some more...and then finally next friday on the train I go back's funny as excited as I am to go...I am already looking fwd to my trip home as well...not bad...a weeks worth of work lasts me a few months...I will take some candid pictures of everyone so you can see all the gorgeous girls I get the pleasure of hanging out with...if I can pop online I will and give a little run down on what's going on...hope all is well...have a fabulous week...

Here's a little taste of my newest was the last time I was in Vegas at the Palms...I love the set...hope you enjoy!

Dawn P.

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