Thursday, November 20, 2008

My trip to shot my holiday updates!

I always love leaving for LA...this time I was definitely ready to shoot a few sets and just get out of dodge. By the time it was time for me to leave for the train( I often ride Amtrak to LA because it's relaxing and cheap), I was exhausted. My train was leaving at 1:20 am and well I knew I could sleep. I passed out before the train even pulled out of Tucson. I got into LA about an hour early and luckily I was able to wake up the lovely Shameless Angel to come pick me up. Her and Andy came and got me and we went to breakfast at Burger King. It was short and sweet it was great to get caught up. We went back to their place and chilled, looked at all my different outfits and tried to figure out where we were going to shoot each of the 13 outfits that I forward...I only ended up shooting 5 of my outfits...I always have such good intentions.
Shameless Angel and I ended up doing a little chatting or maybe it was more like alot of chatting. I actually really enjoyed it. I felt as though we connected on a level we hadn't really connected on before. It was cool, I was actually bummed to be leaving them so soon...but it was time to go celebrate Ms. Desiree Devine's birthday!
So, Andy and Shameless dropped Desiree and I off at a McDonald's in LA where we met up with the lovely Michelle. We drove to our hotel and all got beautified for our night out at the Butterfly Lounge a BBW club in Costa Mesa. That exciting story and pictures I am going to save for tomorrow.

***I am making a commitment to my blog for the rest of the year...I will be blogging 5 days a week from here on out...that's 25-30 blogs by December 31st. More than I have written all year. You will get to take a walk in the normal day and life of me...the more normal than you would expect Ms. Dawn...oh yeah and for anyone who reads this...if I do not write at least 25 blogs by the 31st of December, I am mailing out an autographed pic to anyone who calls me on it***