Saturday, November 22, 2008

It's Saturday afternoon and I am being a little lazy today. I started out with a bang...and cleaned the house...but alas I am not motivated to do anything here I am...doing my best to make good on my promise.

I wanted to fill you in on my Saturday night last was Desiree Devine's birthday...what a great time! Here are a couple pictures of me right after I got ready...I was still in the hotel.

I love getting all dressed up and sparkly! Well we went to the club. And it was a fabulous poison of choice is Crown Royal. Bet you would have never pinned me as a whiskey girl...but what can I say. My tastes have improved with age. I did a little dancing on the are a few pics of that...I know I look slightly ridiculous but I was having fun...Yay for liquid courage...hehe

And for the most fun of my night...I shared a cupcake with my friend Mychelle...there a few of those pics I want to I will just tell u that, it was fun and sexy...and I had chocolate frosting spread all over my cleavage...who would like to help me lick that off?