Thursday, December 3, 2009

Newest updates to the site!

Hey everyone! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! I spent time with my family...which is my favorite thing to do. I also went and finally saw the movie New Moon. Yes I am one of those Twilight geeks. I can't help it...I love me some vegetarian!

Well, here is my newest set to the site...the outfit is like a little fishnet was nice and tight...I hope you like.
I have also had a couple videos go up in the pool naked...watching my body in motion. It's a pretty cool video. You should check them out!

And finally I made some brownies...they are my favorite! This is a fun one to check out...I made them in my panties :)


Buck Kelly said...

I love to eat some brownies off u - glad u had fun - miss ya - have a great week - ttyl maybe - miss ya sexy - cant wait to see ur last two photo shoots and vids

Love me some Ms Dawn P

Twist said...

How delectable! Mmmm... such wonderful piccies, I'm besotted once again!

It's curious... every woman I lust after seems to be obsessed with Twilight... lol! XxX

Heidi said...

Girl you look hot.. what can i say im big girl too but i am not that confident about my self wich i would id like to take sexy pics of my self for my hubby but i dont think id be able to im to shy.. any hints girl??

Anonymous said...

what to do when ur in love with a girl like u

Despo Blanco said...

can you cook for mr like that mmmm

Anonymous said...

What size bra do you wear?

mk said...

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Michael J-Bone said...

looking good Dawn! Have you ever thought about putting together a bbw vampire fantasy?