Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sexy in the Pool!

My newest update is a good one! It's from a set that I shot last week! You are gonna love it! I took pics in and out of the pool...it's amazing to me how my boobs just float so nicely in water. I wouldn't even need a bra if I could just be a mermaid. LOL ! I know I'm a dork! Anyway here are some pics...I hope you enjoy! There are way more to see @ MsDawnP.com


Dan_Sky said...

=) you are so beautiful! =) I hope you read my email XD =) kisses! have a beautiful week! =) sweet smile!

Twist said...

Well, they do say that mermaid were created from sailor's fantasies... and sailor or not, any red-blooded gentleman would be guaranteed to fantasize a vision that looked something like you... heheheh! ;) Magnificent piccies, Ms P! You're a stunner, always! XxX

Ms Dawn P. said...

Dan...I am not sure which email you use...I checked them all and didn't see one from you...where did u send it?

Ms Dawn P. said...

Thank you my sexy Twisty Twist! Big hugs and kisses for you baby!

Buck Kelly said...

U had me at your smile - always hot in the pool - I just wish u were in my pool being a mermaid - I need to go for a let night swim - not skinny dip but chubby dip - lol - see u in the deep end - writing a new story 4 U - might be my best ever - Title "U only get One Phone call" - later

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