Saturday, June 7, 2008

Bra fitting

Ok so I have been a slacker...a BIG slacker...but no more of that...I made a commitment when I started this blog and I need to get back to I apologize for being a slacker...please forgive me!
Well this week I thought it would be a good idea to see what I could do about finding a bra that actually fits these most exquisite know I tell everyone I wear a 46L because here locally that is the biggest cup size that I can find...ahhh but a 46L is not quite big cup runneth over...I was on a mission to see if by some chance one of the local bra shops would have a cup size larger then L...I decided to call before going to the store...the first conversation went something like this...

Me: Hi I have purchased bras from your store in the past and I wanted to see if by chance what the largest cup size you were carrying these days is?
Lady at store: Well, what is the last size you purchased from us?
Me: 46L
Lady at Store: Oh...well ummm I don't believe we do...let me put the phone down...comes back to unfortunately we only go up to a 48L but we could get you in that and scale the width down since it will make the cups a little bigger...
Me: Cool I am on my way I am willing to try anything at this point...
Now I also noticed there is a new bra shop in town and I am stoked...because maybe just maybe there is a chance that if they don't have any huge sizes in stock they can maybe order them or give me some advice...hahaha

Me: Hi I am having a hard time finding a bra that fits and I was wondering what your biggest cup size current one is not quite big enough...
Lady at 2nd Store: Well what cup size are you wearing?
Me: I wear a 46L
silence again
Lady at 2nd Store: Oh unfortunately we are a small store and we only go up to an F cup...I really wish I could help...(and you could tell she genuinely meant it) maybe if you travel you could try LA or NY...
Me: Yeah I will look into that...thanks so much for your time

So this is the reason having ridiculous sized breasts sucks! But I still have a shoot so I go to Bra shop # 1...right when I walked in all 3 of the store associates knew who I was...they were very kind and already had the 48L out for me to try I tell them I don't need help putting it on but they are I haven't been putting on my own bras since I was the lady helps me get it the bra on...and you wouldn't think 2 inches would make that much difference but the bra around was way too she sends in the seamstress and she startes pulling and pinning and I over hear the other associates whispering..."Have you ever seen breasts that big before?" one lady says to the other...what the other lady says I wanted to crack up she replies" Yeah...on the internet!" Here they work in a bra store and never seen boobs this big...except on the internet...can you imagine!
So after the seamstress has me all pinned up I am still running over the cup but it's better then walking around with no bra at I change back into my old bra and order 2 new ones...1 beige and 1 black...that's all they have in the store...I pick them up next week!
There is my bra drama...I am still on a mission to find the perfect size...I will keep you updated because I am going to LA soon and I am for sure starting to research already!


Jeffrey said...

You're beautiful.

Will said...

Are you even reading this? Doubtful. Nonetheless, if you're still looking for bras, next time you're in LA you should check this store out: Creative Woman in Monrovia (near Pasadena). They'll be able to measure you and fit you properly and will get you bras in your size. They even have a Z cup hanging in the shop window. Trust me, that's where you should go.